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Before your Spine Procedure

It is important to stop taking NSAID's (ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aleve, Diclofenac etc.), Aspirin and Plavix at least 72 hours prior to the procedure. Additionally, anticoagulants (coumadin/Warfarin) will likely need to be discontinued and changed to a short acting anticoagulation medicine. Your primary care doctor will help you with this. DO NOT STOP any medications without first discussing any changes with your primary care physician as this can be very dangerous and possibly life threatening.

You will likely need someone to drive you home the day of your procedure. Do not plan any strenuous activity the day of your procedure.

Before your EMG

Please wash area(s) being tested thoroughly to remove all oil, lotions and perfumes from skin. Do not apply lotion to area being tested before the procedure. If it is cold weather, be sure to wear warm gloves or socks depending on the area being tested. Cold limbs can negatively affect the results of the test. 

Patients with Diabetes

Corticosteroid (steroid) injections will increase you blood glucose (sugar) for up to several days to a week after your injection. If you undergo a steroid injection of any kind, knee, shoulder, back etc, it is very important that you closely monitor you blood sugar readings with each meal and before bed, preferably four (4) times total in the day.

Before EMG
Patients with Diabetes
Before Your Spine Procedure
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